Reinventing Supply Chain Management

Oliver Chapman, Founder and CEO, OCI
June 30, 2023 0

Oliver Chapman is the founder and CEO of OCI, a leading supply chain specialist company. Oliver’s remarkable journey began with his entrepreneurial spirit, which emerged…

Learning: K to 1OO!

Leo Thompson, Independent Education Consultant and School Accreditation Specialist
June 26, 2023 0

Leo Thompson is dedicated to empowering people to learn and grow through applied education research and innovation. A former teacher and school head, he is…

The Golden Age of Solopreneurs

Ricardo Jiménez, COO & Head of Product, Arukay
June 21, 2023 0

Ricardo Jiménez is a COO & Head of Product at Arukay. He brings over 15 years of experience as a product manager, specializing in the…

Govern Data or People Who Work with Data?

Ema Castellari, Data Governance & Management, Hiberus
June 7, 2023 0

Ema Castellari works in Data Governance & Management área in Hiberus the fastest growing technology consultancy in Spain. She holds a degree in System Analyst…