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Transforming Businesses with Passion, Focus, & Razor-Sharp Strategy

Roger Binks, Chief Commercial Officer, Kani Payments Limited

Sharing Stories. Changing Lives.

Candace Carnahan, Safety Innovator and Motivational Speaker

A Visionary Leader Inspiring Change and Shaping Legacies Across Generations

Peter A. LaPorta, Keynote Speaker and Founder of LaPorta Enterprises

A Visionary Financial Leader Driving Biotech Breakthroughs

Mutsuki Takano, Board Director and CFO of Heartseed Inc.



Embracing a Growth Mindset

Utkarsh Narang, Founder, IgnitedNeurons

The Importance of Entrepreneurs Investing Outside Their Business

Sean Cohen, Private Wealth Manager, Carrick Wealth

No One Checks in with Reality. We can! We should!

Marcus Kirsch, CXO Transformation Director

Embracing Change: It Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

Erica Hodgson, Change Management Director at Differentis

Empowering the Collaborative Contact Centre with Artificial Intelligence

Julien Rio, AVP International Marketing, RingCentral