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Leading the Way in Fire Safety and Advocacy

Suzanne Alfano, Executive Director, Canadian Fire Alarm Association

Driving Sustainable Change in the Construction Industry and Beyond

Dr. Samir Thabet, Corporate Sustainability Manager, Nesma & Partners

Facilitating Success

Aaron Bare, Strategic Innovation Facilitator, Futurist, Storyteller, and Author

Delivering a High Standard of Excellence

Melissa Smith, Founder & CEO, Association of Virtual Assistants



Worker Representation During an AI Transformation

Tony Boobier, AI and Analytics Expert, Author, Mentor & Consultant

The Benefit of Being a Non-Executive Director

Jean-Philippe Perraud, CEO of NEDonBoard, Institute of Board Members

The Diversity Paradox

Geffrye Parsons, Founder & CEO, The Inclusion Imperative

Steering the AI Journey: The Importance of Governance and Guardrails

Amit Badlani, Product Management Leader, NVIDIA Corporation

Top Table: Why Companies Need to Elevate the Role of Their CIO and CISO

Kevin Korte, President, Univention North America, Inc.

The Complete Transformation of Innovative Monetary Technology

Steve Schroeder, CEO/Founder, Twitter Fundraising