Andreas Buhr, Founder and Member of the Supervisory Board, Buhr & Team Academy

Andreas Buhr is a man on a mission: “More success in business!” This simple yet powerful slogan encapsulates his ethos as a speaker, entrepreneur, and author. With a career spanning decades, Buhr has cemented himself as a beacon of success in the business world. “At 28, I found myself leading one of Europe’s largest sales organizations. It was a pivotal moment that shaped my approach to business,” reflects Buhr.

Over 25 years, he nurtured this company into a juggernaut, boasting 280,000 customers, €3 billion in turnover, and a workforce of 1,000 employees. In 2005, Buhr made a pivotal decision, selling his first company to embark on a new journey. “The decision to start Buhr & Team Academy was driven by a desire to make a meaningful impact,” explains Buhr. “I wanted to empower individuals and businesses to achieve greater success.” Buhr’s motivation stems from three core principles: shaping the future of the economy, helping others succeed, and embracing lifelong learning.

Buhr’s influence extends far beyond the boardroom. With over 4,000 speeches delivered in 29 countries to a diverse audience of 800,000 participants, his impact is undeniable. Additionally, he has trained 150 trainers and authored and co-authored over 40 books, solidifying his status as a thought leader in leadership and sales.

Under Buhr’s leadership, Buhr & Team Academy has become synonymous with excellence in corporate training. “Our track record speaks for itself – ‘More success in business’ is not just a promise, but an  assurance,” Buhr asserts confidently. As a former President of the German Speakers Association and a member of the American National Speakers Association, he is recognized globally for his contributions to the industry. Awards such as “Trainer of the Year” and the Human Excellence Award further underscore his impact.

“Innovation and dedication have been the cornerstones of my career,” reflects Buhr. “I’m honored to continue inspiring and empowering others to reach new heights of success.” In 2021, Buhr was appointed to the Federal Business Senate (BVMW), solidifying his position as a key figure in the German business landscape. With a career marked by innovation, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Andreas Buhr continues to inspire and empower others to reach new heights of success.

The Distinctive Edge of Buhr & Team AG

At Buhr & Team AG, a distinctive approach sets them apart in the competitive landscape of corporate training and development. “We’ve always prioritized needs-oriented competence models,” emphasizes Buhr. These models serve as the cornerstone for content and training system development, with a sharp focus on CLEAN LEADERSHIP, CLEAN SALES, and CLEAN PERFORMANCE.

“Collaboration with universities has been instrumental in our success,” Buhr highlights. “No nonsense, just evidence-based practices.” This commitment to scientific rigor ensures that Buhr & Team AG’s methodologies remain grounded in research and analysis.

A hallmark of the company is its commitment to innovation. “We’re dedicated to developing genuinely new topics,” explains Buhr, “and mapping the learner journey from start to finish.” From gap analysis to masterclasses, every aspect of the training process is meticulously designed for maximum impact. “Our competency models form the backbone of our success,” Buhr asserts. By aligning training programs with the evolving needs of businesses, Buhr & Team AG ensures relevance and effectiveness.

“As a speaker and publicist, I’ve consistently championed these brands and topics, Clean Leadership, Clean Sales, Clean Performance,” Buhr notes. “Buhr & Team is synonymous with expertise in these areas.” Through collaboration with third parties, the company has developed comprehensive teaching and training programs tailored to each brand, catering to the diverse needs of clients. “Our commitment to mapping the Learners’ Journey sets us apart,” states Buhr. With a blend of offline and online solutions, including hybrid formats, Buhr & Team AG ensures that clients receive personalized and impactful training experiences.

Guiding Principles for Success

Buhr has distilled decades of experience and wisdom into a wealth of resources aimed at empowering individuals and businesses to thrive in today’s dynamic landscape. Through his prolific writing, podcast series, blogs, and the esteemed business magazine “Magazine for Business and Entrepreneurial Training,” Buhr shares invaluable strategies for success in sales and leadership.

“My latest book, ‘Business geht heute anders’ (‘Business is different today’), offers 100 brand new business hacks for the future of business,” Buhr explains. “Additionally, ‘Vertrieb geht heute anders’ (‘Sales is different today’) and ‘Vertriebsführung’ (‘Sales Leadership’) delve into current digital strategies for sales.” These resources, including the English version of his bestselling book, provide actionable insights for navigating the complexities of today’s business landscape.

Buhr’s principles of leadership, outlined in his long-standing bestsellers “Machen statt Meckern” (‘Doing instead of booing’) and “Leadership principles. Führung geht heute anders” (‘Principles of Leadership. Leadership is different today’), offer a roadmap for ethical and value-oriented leadership. These twelve principles serve as a guiding light for leaders seeking to navigate the challenges of the modern business world:

  1. Strengthen your entrepreneurial mindset – only those who can lead themselves can lead others.
  2. Focus on the essential things with leverage.
  3. Leadership is personal: act reliably as a proving role model.
  4. Pursue the right goals based on values.
  5. Train your own decision-maker DNA.
  6. Put people really at the core of your actions.
  7. Lead with values to more performance and better results.
  8. Implement next-level management processes.
  9. Always excite and inspire yourself and others.
  10. See profit as a reward for sense and understanding.
  11. Use and nurture the wisdom of the many.
  12. Remain a learner, curious, and humble.

“These principles aren’t just theoretical,” Buhr emphasizes. “We implement them in our own company, leading to growth and future-proofing.” Through the Buhr & Team training academy, Buhr has trained over 500 companies based on the principles of Clean Leadership, Clean Sales, and Clean Performance, resulting in tangible success stories.

Buhr exemplifies Principle No. 11: Use and nurture the wisdom of the many. “I’ve built up a large international network of inspirational speakers, collaborated with scientists and universities, and contributed to industry networks,” Buhr shares. “Continuous learning and adaptation are essential – standing still is akin to moving backward.”

Navigating Business with Mindfulness and Intuition

In reflecting on his journey, Buhr acknowledges the pivotal role of intuition in his success. “Whenever I followed my head more than my gut feeling in business, the defeats were recognizable,” he observes. Buhr emphasizes the importance of mindfulness and introspection, learning to listen and observe rather than simply offering opinions.

“Intuition is the coagulated experience of hundreds or thousands of small decisions and experienced consequences,” Buhr explains. Drawing on this wealth of subconscious knowledge, he has honed his ability to navigate complex business scenarios with clarity and insight.

Buhr’s integration of mindfulness, intuition, and self-reflection into his speeches and books marked a paradigm shift in the German-speaking market. “For a long time, especially in sales, it was all about being faster, louder, and more expensive,” he notes. However, Buhr recognized the pitfalls of this approach – overwhelm, burnout, and a loss of meaning in work.

“Inspiring the meaning-oriented generations – Gen Y, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha – requires a different approach,” Buhr asserts. Through his “experience of defeat” and the lessons learned, he has developed a balanced mix of success-oriented, mindful, and meaningful principles that resonate with managers, employees, and readers alike.

“I am constantly working on my own personal development,” Buhr shares. “This journey of self-discovery not only enhances my own learning and skills but also enriches my ability to empower others.” Buhr’s journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of mindfulness and intuition in navigating the complexities of modern business. By embracing these principles, he has not only achieved success but has also inspired others to lead more purposeful and fulfilling lives.

Entrepreneurial Triumphs and Future Visions

“My greatest entrepreneurial successes certainly included the establishment and subsequent highly lucrative sale of my first business in the financial services sector,” Buhr recalls. “And then the successful development of my current second company, Buhr & Team AG.”

At Buhr & Team AG, Buhr and his team remain at the forefront of innovation, offering a comprehensive suite of services to B2B customers. “We keep our finger on the pulse of the markets,” Buhr explains, “exciting our customers with keynote speeches, workshops, consulting, company training, online and offline media, and personal coaching at C-level.”

Buhr’s entrepreneurial achievements extend beyond financial success. “Remaining attractive as an employer brand and training provider for Gen Z is essential in the war for talent,” he notes. “But it’s also about preparing for the future.” Buhr is actively involved in succession planning, ensuring a seamless transition for the company’s continued success.

“As a member of the Supervisory Board,” Buhr shares, “I have the opportunity to provide guidance and inspiration for Buhr & Team’s future.” He sees this role as an opportunity to change perspective, develop greater visions, and nurture new ideas. “True inner entrepreneurship never stops,” he asserts. “The goal is always beyond the horizon.”

For Buhr, the horizon represents not an endpoint, but a gateway to new possibilities. “It’s a step beyond which a new blue ocean, a world of possibilities, opens up,” he explains. “A world that will challenge us with new technologies and needs, but one that we can also shape.”

Inspirations Along the Journey

In his prolific career, Buhr has been influenced by leaders and visionaries in management and sales. “There are certainly some great leaders and forethinkers who inspired me during my ‘first career’ in the financial sector,” he notes. “I had the privilege of meeting many of them personally during my business and speaking trips to the USA.”

Buhr credits these encounters with shaping his entrepreneurial ethos. “Like all entrepreneurs who strive to make a difference in the markets,” he observes, “I found role models in the USA.” Their insights and achievements served as a source of inspiration as he charted his own path.

Among these encounters, Buhr highlights a particularly impactful meeting with the Dalai Lama. “Personally, what perhaps has touched and inspired me the most was my encounter with the Dalai Lama,” he shares. “The conversation with him strengthened my belief that I can give something back to the world.”

Buhr’s interaction with the Dalai Lama reaffirmed his commitment to leading with strong values and self-leadership. “Building a company that embodies these values and fosters success became a guiding principle for me,” he explains. “It’s about carrying forward these values, new knowledge, and the opportunity to succeed.”

The Essence of Clean Leadership

“People often overestimate the short-term impact of new technologies and underestimate their long-term effects,” Buhr observes. This perspective underscores the need for leaders to adopt a forward-thinking approach that accounts for both immediate challenges and future opportunities.

Buhr outlines three key characteristics of “clean leaders” that define their approach to effective and sustainable leadership. “Firstly, they have the ability to telescope,” he explains. “This means they can articulate a clear ‘why’ that guides their leadership decisions.”

“Clean leaders also understand the importance of microscoping,” Buhr continues. “They focus on designing and implementing effective processes that drive team performance and results.”

“Lastly, created agreement is crucial,” Buhr emphasizes. “An atmosphere conducive to achieving goals and top results is essential for success.”

Buhr highlights the interplay between team morale and performance. “When the mood is positive, results follow,” he notes. “Clean leaders prioritize fostering a supportive environment where team members feel empowered to excel.”

Navigating change is another hallmark of clean leadership. Buhr recognizes the inherent resistance to change but stresses the importance of finding a balance between comfort and growth. “Change and disruption are necessary for growth,” he asserts. “Clean leaders strike a balance between familiarity and innovation, inspiring their teams to embrace new challenges.”

Buhr’s approach to leadership is pragmatic yet insightful. “It’s not about getting everyone on board at once,” he explains. “Effective leadership is about focusing on the individuals who are committed to progress and empowering them to drive change. Others will follow suit.”

The Crux of True Leadership

Buhr delves into the core principles of true leadership, emphasizing the importance of inner authority over assigned power. “As a true leader, you embody real inner authority,” he observes. “It’s the kind of authority that others voluntarily grant you.”

Buhr stresses the necessity of meeting people where they are and leading them in a manner that resonates with their individual needs and preferences. “Leading everyone equally and expecting the same from everybody is not fair,” he asserts. “True leadership requires an understanding of each individual’s unique strengths and motivations.”

“To achieve this,” Buhr continues, “leaders must make the effort to find the best way to reach their goals.” He advocates for the use of personality and competence diagnostic tools to tailor management styles effectively, fostering transparency and reliability in leadership.

Buhr highlights the importance of Clean Leadership principles in guiding effective leadership practices. “Focus on the essential things with a lever,” he emphasizes, echoing Principle No. 2. “Act reliably as a proving role model,” he adds, referencing Principle No. 3. “And remain a learner, curious, and humble,” he concludes, citing Principle No. 12.

By embodying these principles, leaders can cultivate a culture of trust, transparency, and continuous improvement. Buhr’s insights serve as a reminder that true leadership is not about wielding power but about inspiring and empowering others to achieve their full potential.

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