Nicholas Kittis, Executive Mindset and Life Coach

Welcome to our exclusive interview with Nicholas Kittis, an International Certified Professional Coach with 30 years in the hospitality industry, who combines vast experience with an intuitive grasp of people. His mission is to awaken individuals to their true potential, both personally and professionally. Known for motivation, leadership, and an empathic approach, Nicholas engages clients with a unique ability to provide Mindset coaching that inspires a fresh approach to business and life, yielding extraordinary results.

Nicholas introduces the proven Bulletproof System™, his chief resilience toolkit, into the coaching arena. This system infuses resilience into every fiber of an individual’s being, bouncing forward from challenges stronger and wiser. The FlipIt Method™, Nicholas’ secret weapon, becomes the modern leader’s magic wand, flipping any situation into an opportunity for growth.

Creating an environment of professionalism and high morale, Nicholas motivates clients to discover hidden possibilities through direct action and collaboration. His coaching style, rooted in authenticity, inspiration, and outcome focus, empowers clients to overcome challenges using the proven Bulletproof System™ and the transformative FlipIt Method™. Nicholas embraces change as inevitable, reflecting his belief that true transformation emerges from within.

Let’s explore the strategies and insights that have helped business leaders develop a resilient mindset. We’ll delve into the dynamic world of mindset and life coaching, uncovering the secrets to effective leadership and sustainable growth. Join us in discovering how to craft an unshakable mindset and become a successful leader.

Can you tell us a bit about your background and what led you to become an Executive Mindset and life Coach, particularly focusing on CEOs, leaders, and entrepreneurs?

My professional journey unfolds against the backdrop of the dynamic hospitality industry, a narrative initiated at the tender age of fourteen. Originating from South Africa, my fervor for the realm of hotels guided me to Les Roches Hotel School Switzerland. Post my graduation in 1993, I navigated through several 5-star establishments and ventured into entrepreneurship. A significant highlight is my role as the youngest General Manager overseeing one of Europe’s largest integrated resorts for an impressive 13 years.

The transformative period of 2019-2020, marked by the upheaval of COVID-19, became serendipitous. Stumbling upon Tony Robbins and Mindvalley’s coaching masterclasses sparked a profound interest, leading to a journey of study and certification. This path culminated in my role as a mindset and life coach tailored specifically for C-level executives, leaders, and entrepreneurs.

Upon my return to the professional arena post the COVID-19 pandemic, my perspective on achieving work-life balance underwent a significant evolution. The encounter with burnout, exhaustion, and associated pressures deviated from my perception of an executive lifestyle. Having personally navigated complete burnout, including panic attacks and a sense of disconnection from the meaning of my role, I am on a mission to support those still grappling with the debilitating symptoms of being an exhausted leader. My goal is to help them rediscover a sense of vitality and purpose.

In your coaching practice, how do you emphasize the importance of cultivating a resilient and positive mindset, especially for professionals in leadership roles?

Stepping into the coaching arena is akin to navigating a thrilling adventure, with resilience as the secret sauce, especially for leaders in the high-stakes game.

Imagine me not just as a coach but as your chief resilience guru, armed with the Bulletproof System™ – my go-to for cultivating a mindset that weathers any storm in the modern leadership landscape. In this fast-paced leadership world, resilience isn’t just an extra; it’s the MVP (Most Valuable Person). My coaching approach focuses on infusing this resilience into every fiber of your being through the tried-and-true Bulletproof System™. It’s not just about bouncing back; it’s about bouncing forward, stronger and wiser.

Enter the FlipIt Method™, our secret weapon, the modern leader’s magic wand, ready to flip any situation, be it personal or professional, into an opportunity for growth. In the coaching dojo, we’re not just chatting about resilience; we’re crafting a resilient mindset that’s unshakable. Challenges become stepping stones to greatness, and setbacks? Well, they’re just setups for a remarkable comeback. Buckle up for a coaching journey where we don’t just talk about resilience – we build it, Bulletproof style, using the FlipIt Method™ to transform challenges into triumphs. It’s not just coaching; it’s a resilience revolution for the modern leader ready to conquer any leadership terrain.

Your profile highlights your encouraging and empathetic coaching style. How do you inspire and empower individuals to see new possibilities and achieve greatness?

At the heart of my coaching philosophy lies a commitment to empathy as a transformative force. Recognizing that every individual is on a unique journey, facing distinct challenges and aspirations, I intentionally infuse my coaching style with empathy, creating a safe and supportive space for my clients. Understanding the power of empathy, I aim to connect with individuals on a deeper level.

This connection forms the bedrock of our coaching relationship, fostering an environment where clients can openly express their thoughts, concerns, and aspirations without fear of judgment. Encouragement becomes a natural extension of this empathetic foundation. Genuine encouragement is a catalyst for personal growth. By acknowledging and celebrating the unique strengths and potential within each individual, I instill a sense of confidence and self-belief.

This positive reinforcement serves as a powerful motivator, propelling clients to venture into uncharted territories and explore new perspectives. Through this process, my clients not only discover untapped potential within themselves but also develop a renewed sense of agency. Empowered by this newfound self-awareness and supported by a coach who genuinely understands their journey, individuals can envision and pursue greatness in both their personal and professional lives.

The “why” behind this approach is rooted in the belief that empowerment is a collaborative process. Fostering an empathetic connection and providing unwavering encouragement aims not only to guide individuals toward their goals but also to inspire a lasting transformation in their mindset. This transformation becomes the catalyst for achieving greatness — a journey not only about reaching predefined milestones but also about embracing the ongoing process of personal and professional evolution.

In essence, my coaching style is not just a methodology; it’s a commitment to being a supportive partner in the transformative journey of those seeking to achieve greatness.

How do you define effective leadership, and how does it contribute to creating professionalism and high morale within organizations?

Effective leadership, in my view, involves a blend of strategic vision, authenticity, and the ability to inspire others. It’s about creating a work environment that promotes professionalism and high morale. A true leader not only achieves results but also nurtures a culture of collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement.

Leadership, in my book, is like the conductor of a symphony. It’s not just about giving orders; it’s about orchestrating a harmonious blend of vision, strategy, and, most importantly, people. A great leader brings out the best, setting a clear vision and navigating challenges with decisiveness and adaptability.

Effective leadership boosts morale by recognizing achievements, fostering a positive work environment, and being there in the trenches with the team during tough times. It transforms individuals into a motivated, professional, and morale-boosted team. Effective leadership isn’t a title; it’s a transformative way of leading that turns individuals into a motivated, professional, and morale-boosted team.

In your experience, what role does empathy play in leadership, and how does it foster cooperation and collaboration among team members?

Empathy in leadership is the smoothest partner in the dance. It’s not just about understanding; it’s about feeling the rhythm of your team’s emotions and perspectives. In the leadership dance, empathy is like the smoothest partner. It’s not just about understanding; it’s about feeling the rhythm of your team’s emotions and perspectives.

Empathy fosters an environment where everyone feels heard and valued. It turns coworkers into collaborators and a group of individuals into a tight-knit crew. Empathy isn’t a soft skill; it’s a power move that unlocks a team’s full potential.

In my playbook, empathy isn’t just a buzzword. It’s the key to unlocking a team’s full potential, fostering a spirit of cooperation, and creating a collaboration jam that everyone wants to be a part of.

The concept of a “bulletproof” mindset is intriguing. How do you define this mindset, and what practical tips or exercises do you recommend for individuals to enhance their mental resilience?

The “bulletproof” mindset isn’t about avoiding challenges; it’s about cultivating resilience in the face of adversity. It involves viewing setbacks as opportunities for growth. Practical tips include incorporating mindfulness practices into daily routines, setting goals aligned with personal values, and embracing the FlipIt Method™ – a proactive approach to flipping challenges into stepping stones. It’s not just a mental shield; it’s a dynamic force that propels individuals toward their goals with grace and determination.

What trends do you see emerging in the fields of leadership and well-being, and how do you think they will shape the future of coaching and mindset development?

Leadership trends shift towards holistic well-being, recognizing success tied to overall health. Coaching incorporates well-being, work-life balance, and mental health. Modern leaders seek holistic approaches for a balanced and fulfilled life. The future of coaching involves a more comprehensive approach, acknowledging that sustainable success is grounded in a healthy, fulfilled workforce.

As a certified Holobody Coach, the executives, leaders, founders who come to work with me all have one common goal—they want to add years to their lives encompassing mind, body, and spirit. This is the future.

How has technology influenced personal development and coaching? What advice do you have for individuals navigating the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital age?

In the digital age, technology has revolutionized coaching by providing accessibility and resources at our fingertips. However, the advice is to use technology mindfully. While it offers convenience, finding a balance by incorporating digital detoxes is crucial. Technology should enhance, not replace, genuine human connections. Leveraging tech tools should be a strategic choice, ensuring they complement rather than overshadow the personal touch in coaching relationships. The concern here is in the younger generation, our children who are spending way too much time on their phones scrolling through social media, which, in time, will have an impact on their mental stress.

For aspiring leaders and professionals looking to enhance their personal and professional lives, what advice or strategies would you recommend for sustained success?

For sustained success, aspiring leaders and professionals need to embrace continuous learning. Surrounding themselves with a supportive network that fosters growth is key. Seeking guidance when needed is a sign of strength, not weakness. Challenges are part of the journey, viewed as opportunities to learn and evolve. Authenticity is the North Star; setting clear goals and staying true to personal values ensures a meaningful and enduring path to success. It’s not just about reaching the summit; it’s about maintaining that altitude with integrity and purpose.


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