Worker Representation During an AI Transformation

Tony Boobier, AI and Analytics Expert, Author, Mentor & Consultant
September 22, 2023 0

Tony Boobier is a former worldwide technology executive who now provides advisory and mentoring services to new and established organizations. Qualified in engineering, insurance, marketing,…

The Benefit of Being a Non-Executive Director

Jean-Philippe Perraud, CEO of NEDonBoard, Institute of Board Members
September 5, 2023 0

Jean-Philippe Perraud stands at the nexus of board excellence and professional development. As the CEO of NEDonBoard, he keenly recognises the challenges executives and non-execs…

The Diversity Paradox

Geffrye Parsons, Founder & CEO, The Inclusion Imperative
August 28, 2023 0

Through his DE&I consultancy practice, The Inclusion Imperative, Geffrye helps commercial organisations to build leadership capabilities and harness the power of inclusion as a key…

Learning: K to 1OO!

Leo Thompson, Independent Education Consultant and School Accreditation Specialist
June 26, 2023 0

Leo Thompson is dedicated to empowering people to learn and grow through applied education research and innovation. A former teacher and school head, he is…

The Golden Age of Solopreneurs

Ricardo Jiménez, COO & Head of Product, Arukay
June 21, 2023 0

Ricardo Jiménez is a COO & Head of Product at Arukay. He brings over 15 years of experience as a product manager, specializing in the…