Turning Strategy into Everyone’s Everyday Business

Jeroen Kraaijenbrink, Strategy and Leadership Consultant and Co-founder of Strategy. Inc
November 28, 2023 0

Jeroen Kraaijenbrink is an accomplished strategy educator, mentor, author, and consultant with over two decades of academic and industry experience. He empowers people and organizations…

Reinventing Supply Chain Management

Oliver Chapman, Founder and CEO, OCI
June 30, 2023 0

Oliver Chapman is the founder and CEO of OCI, a leading supply chain specialist company. Oliver’s remarkable journey began with his entrepreneurial spirit, which emerged…

Facilitating Success

Aaron Bare, Strategic Innovation Facilitator, Futurist, Storyteller, and Author
April 25, 2023 0

Aaron Bare is a leading strategic facilitator (IAF Endorsed Facilitator – top 1%), futurist, storyteller, and author of a Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and…

Transforming Supply Chain

Maria P. Villablanca, Co-Founder and CEO, Future Insights Network
March 6, 2023 0

Maria Villablanca is the Co-founder and CEO of The Future Insights Network, a fast-growing network of over 130,000 supply chain, manufacturing, procurement and logistics leaders…