Rachel Maria Knight, CEO & Founder of TitleSplit.com

In the fast-moving world of property investment, where the desire for financial freedom often clashes with the slow pace of portfolio growth, Rachel Maria Knight stands out as a guiding force. As the founder and CEO of TitleSplit.com, she has not only successfully replaced a six-figure corporate salary with property cash flow, but has also paved the way for others to do the same.

Knight’s journey began in the high-pressure corridors of a demanding corporate role, driven by her dream of generating substantial income through property investment. She started with single buy-to-lets, but soon realized that a more accelerated approach was necessary for her to achieve financial success.

This realization led to the development of the Title Split Strategy, a high-income growth strategy that Knight personally crafted to expedite portfolio growth. The strategy, when implemented correctly, can produce an impressive 25-35% capital uplift, HMO-like cash flow, and a MIMO (Money In Money Out) approach. In addition to providing a steady income stream, it also offers multiple exit strategies for the future.

“What drove me to create Title Split was the need for a strategy that could break the slow-paced nature of property portfolio growth. I wanted something that not only generated income efficiently but also added significant value to each deal,” Rachel Maria Knight passionately asserts.

Title Split’s distinctiveness lies in its simplicity and efficiency. Knight, cognizant of the lack of support for the Freehold-Leasehold strategy in the industry, made it her mission to make Title Split accessible to like-minded developers. Her goal is clear – enabling others to achieve maximum income with minimal effort and sharing in the remarkable capital uplift experienced with each property deal. “Title Split is about more than just financial gains. It’s about creating new homes for people, contributing positively to the community through innovative property solutions,” Knight reflects.

TitleSplit.com is not merely a training provider; it serves as a catalyst for property professionals seeking to unlock the potential of the Title Split Strategy. The platform offers a Title Split Mastermind, a comprehensive 3-day intensive training either in-person or online. This program equips developers with the knowledge and skills to implement the strategy at the opportune moment, maximizing profits and valuations.

“I believe in empowering property professionals with the tools they need to succeed. The Title Split Mastermind is designed to provide not just knowledge but practical insights into the strategy’s implementation,” Knight explains. Crucial to TitleSplit.com’s success is its team of vetted and experienced Title Split power team members. These professionals are trained to assist developers in every step of the process, ensuring that the strategy aligns with their goals from inception to completion.

Transforming the Property Landscape

TitleSplit’s core objective is to provide more homes for people by repurposing existing buildings, simultaneously offering property entrepreneurs the chance to build cash flow and equity for themselves and their families. “At the heart of TitleSplit’s mission is the belief that every property, when strategically split, can become a new home for someone. It’s about transforming spaces and, in doing so, contributing to the community by addressing housing needs,” Rachel Maria Knight passionately emphasizes.

What sets TitleSplit.com apart is not just its innovative strategy but also its accreditation by both the Property Investor Bureau (PIB) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD). This accreditation solidifies TitleSplit.com as a global leader in providing training for property professionals and enthusiasts alike. The company takes pride in offering a unique approach that not only benefits property entrepreneurs but also empowers professionals such as solicitors, accountants, mortgage brokers, and others to implement the Title Split strategy for their clients.

“We want to be more than just a training provider. We want to be a driving force behind a movement that transforms how we view and utilize properties,” Knight asserts. In an era where legislative challenges and fluctuating interest rates pose hurdles for property investors, Title Splitting emerges as a strategic solution. It allows property entrepreneurs to navigate through the complexities, taking advantage of lower Buy-to-Let mortgage interest rates. The philosophy of keeping some and selling some enhances asset management, providing a flexible approach to property investment.

“I believe that Title Splitting is not just a strategy for today but a future mainstream approach. With new permitted development rights on the horizon, we are looking at a landscape where more buildings can be split to meet the evolving needs of the market,” Knight predicts. One of the key challenges faced by property investors today is the impact of rising interest rates, particularly on commercial mortgages. Title Splitting, however, presents an extraordinary opportunity to overcome this challenge. By creating smaller saleable units, property entrepreneurs gain access to lower Buy-to-Let mortgage rates, coupled with capital growth from the split value. The ability to recycle money during the refinance process becomes a substantial advantage for long-term property investors. “In the face of challenges, there are opportunities. Title Splitting not only addresses the challenges of today but positions investors for long-term success,” Knight affirms.

Redefining Success in Property Investment

The common advice to concentrate on either capital growth or cash flow is questioned by Rachel Maria Knight, the visionary behind Title Split, who believes in achieving both for comprehensive financial security. “Why limit ourselves to one aspect when we can have the best of both worlds? Title Splitting enables investors to not only maximize cash flow but also experience substantial capital growth, ensuring both short-term gains and long-term financial security,” Knight asserts.

At the forefront of innovation in the UK and global property market, Title Split is not just adopting change but actively driving it. Collaborating with banks, the company is pushing for product innovation, making strides in creating solutions with property lawyers, and actively participating in shaping the UK property market. “This is an incredibly exciting time to be part of the Title Split strategy. We are not just adapting to changes; we are proactively shaping the future of property investment,” Knight expresses.

The Title Split Dream Clients, a quarterly closed-group networking event, and the Advanced Title Split Developer program play pivotal roles in fostering collaboration among landlords, developers, and investors. Approximately 100 clients convene quarterly to discuss deals, share innovative insights, stay abreast of new legislation, and collectively work towards enhancing profitability. This client-focused community thrives on trust, with members actively collaborating to elevate profits for each other.

“Our community is more than just a network; it’s a collective force driving growth and innovation in the property investment landscape. Together, we aim to change the game entirely,” Knight affirms. Looking ahead, TitleSplit.com envisions a complete transformation of property investment norms within the next two to five years. The goal is to make the creation of multiple units from single units a mainstream strategy. This vision aligns with recent government budget announcements, including a consultation to allow two apartments in one house. As this development not only provides more homes for people but also promises a 25-35% capital growth for Title Split landlords, the future looks promising. “We are not just following trends; we are setting them. The landscape of property investment is evolving, and we are leading the charge,” Knight shares.

Transparency, Teamwork, and the Vision for the Future

Openness and honesty are at the forefront of Knight’s philosophy as she acknowledges that Title Splitting, while promising exceptional payoffs, is not without its complexities and risks. “I believe in being upfront with our clients. Property investment, including Title Splitting, comes with challenges, and it’s crucial to be prepared for market fluctuations and potential risks. Diversifying into the Title Split strategy equips us to tackle obstacles head-on,” Knight candidly shares.

Juggling roles as a property developer, landlord, CEO, and coach may seem daunting, but Knight emphasizes the pivotal role of her exceptional team. The collaborative spirit within the team is a driving force that contributes to their collective success. Guided by the motto “treat people how you would like to be treated,” Knight places immense value on her team, recognizing their contributions to the company’s triumphs.

“Our success is a shared achievement. The fantastic team I am surrounded by plays a crucial role in balancing the various facets of my role. We work together, share results, and celebrate our victories as one cohesive unit,” Knight expresses. A unique aspect of Knight’s leadership style is reflected in the team’s four-day working week. Every Monday, the team comes together after three days of rest to collaboratively deliver results for their clients. This innovative approach not only enhances work/life balance but also fosters motivation, creating a positive and productive work environment.

Looking ahead, Rachel Knight envisions a future where TitleSplit.com becomes the Coca Cola of the property training world—a brand synonymous with excellence and innovation. The goal is not just to lead but to set a standard that others aspire to emulate. “You can copy us, but you cannot catch us. Our commitment is to deliver unparalleled training and support to our clients, ensuring they achieve even greater success and profit in their property businesses,” Knight declares with determination.

The driving force behind Knight and her team’s daily efforts is the vision to completely change the game for Title Split landlords and developers. They aspire to make Title Splitting a mainstream strategy for adding more homes in the UK, actively contributing to the resolution of the housing crisis. “The housing crisis motivates us every day. We are determined to be at the forefront of change, making a positive impact in the property landscape,” Knight concludes.

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