Alex Vasileski, President of AV360 Wellness

Alex Vasileski’s journey from a cancer survivor with a mere 3% chance of survival to the President of AV360 Wellness is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Reflecting on the challenging times, Alex shares, “There are some moments in life that offer experiences that shape you for life. Oftentimes, you aren’t aware of them when they are happening in the here and now.”

The turning point came when faced with the harsh reality of a life-threatening illness. Alex vividly described the emotional rollercoaster of fear, anger, and confusion that engulfed him. The ‘why me’ moments were overpowering, and in the solitude of that struggle, he found an unexpected opportunity – a chance at a stem cell transplant, an experimental procedure that was not widely practiced at the time.

Enduring three cardiac arrests during the intense procedure, Alex defied the odds. The recovery journey, both physically and mentally, became a transformative experience. Not only did he survive, but he embraced life with a newfound purpose. Alex pursued education, becoming a doctor, psychologist, and eventually a naturopath, driven by the desire to help others facing their battles.

Embracing life with gratitude, Alex says, “The gift of life I got or a second chance was one that came with a lot of learning moments and understanding. I am still here on this earth to earn the gifts that were bestowed upon me. I work every day to pay it forward and inspire those in this world who feel that the chips are stacked against them and that there is no hope. I am committed to being a ‘Hope Dealer.'”

The birth of AV360 Wellness was inspired by Alex’s personal encounters with healthcare and the realization that he could either lament the existing issues or actively contribute solutions. Alex emphasizes, “Our core values are that every person is on a spectrum, and their situations are just as unique as their fingerprints, which requires investigation and a listening ear to not only do no harm but to do the most good!”

What sets AV360 Wellness apart is its commitment to a paradigm shift in healthcare, merging Quantum Medicine and Naturopathy. Alex calls it a ‘Lifeguard versus Coastguard’ approach. He explains, “It is the idea that we need to create a foundation and baseline for the individual so we help the body heal itself through best practices and allowing the body to have all that it needs naturally to do all the duties needed for overall health.”

Nurturing Wellness by Listening, Customizing and Innovating

At AV360 Wellness, Alex and his team start with simply listening to the patient and their story/experiences. He explains, “We believe that the individual is an expert in their own life, and we need to take that moment to listen thoroughly so we can understand where they are at mentally and physically.” Building rapport and trust are foundational, enabling the team to treat the person holistically rather than focusing solely on a diagnosis. As the patient progresses, the approach evolves, ensuring sustainability and confidence in their health journey.

AV360 Wellness’s mission to empower clients through the highest quality programs involves a commitment to customization based on individual needs. Alex elaborates, “Since all programs for each patient are customized to their needs, no matter what that may be, we ensure that we are always providing the best care available through the best empirically researched treatments and modalities.”

The organization conducts its own research, publishing white papers to showcase its diligence and position as a change agent in the industry. An example of this innovation is NeuroRebound, a technique created by Alex to address Parkinson’s disease and assist athletes by remapping neurological transmissions and behavioral responses related to movement activation.

Discussing the integration of quality research into AV360 Wellness’s programs, Alex says, “We are constantly creating white papers through literature reviews to ensure we are answering questions to issues that the healthcare industry is facing.” Additionally, AV360 Wellness actively participates in the creation of protocols for pre and post-surgical techniques for various chronic conditions, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of each patient’s needs. Regular data sequences are run on all programs, allowing for the management and evaluation of outcomes and success. This data-driven approach enables continuous adjustments to increase efficacy over time.

Mind and Body Harmony: AV360’s Tailored Wellness Approach

AV360 Wellness addresses both physical and mental aspects of wellness, tailoring services for diverse individuals and engineering programs for long-term sustainability. Alex highlights, “We believe that all patients have both mental and physical needs.” AV360 Wellness supports clients not only in physical recovery but also in overcoming the mental challenges that often accompany diagnoses or recovery. The organization offers coaching calls to family members, recognizing that the impact of a diagnosis extends beyond the individual. Alex emphasizes, “No one should face their battles alone, and when they have loved ones, those individuals need help too.” AV360 Wellness aims to heal both the mind and body, acknowledging the interconnectedness of mental and physical health.

In terms of tailoring services for a diverse range of individuals, from those with chronic illnesses to top athletes, Alex underscores the importance of recognizing unique needs across various dimensions. He says, “Everyone has unique sets of needs through many different means, such as culturally, physically, emotionally, biologically, genetically, etc.” AV360 Wellness maximizes individual potential by creating personalized baselines and gold standards of assessment. This approach allows clients to see success rates in their everyday lives, fostering accountability for both clinicians and patients. Alex described this approach as “honest, transparent, and driven.”

When it comes to engineering programs for long-term sustainability and growth, Alex introduced the concept of Behavior Movement Therapy coined by AV360 Wellness. This innovative approach combines physical therapy, biomechanics, applied behavioral analysis, and cognitive behavioral therapy. The goal is to undo old behaviors that may lead to injury or weakness by addressing the psychology of movement. Alex explains, “We teach mechanisms through physical therapy and biomechanics to create long-term effects through behavioral changes that are sustainable by the nature of changing the compensation behaviors.”

A Human-Centric Approach and an Empowerment in Wellness

Empowering clients to actively participate in their healing journey involves a unique approach at AV360 Wellness. Alex explains, “We believe that experiences are powerful, and we use a technique that employs life coaching techniques along with care and empathy.” The organization emphasizes realness and honesty in interactions with patients, fostering a sense of vulnerability that may be uncommon in traditional clinical settings. This authenticity creates mutual respect and a real human experience, encouraging active participation from clients in their wellness journey.

In terms of principles or practices for ongoing well-being, AV360 Wellness tailors specific techniques for each patient based on their unique needs, both physically and mentally. Alex highlights, “We teach mechanisms or thought control, nutrition, motivation, strength, and mobility through the mechanisms that we discover through treatment sessions that make sense to them and specifically them.” This personalized approach ensures that clients can incorporate practices into their daily lives that align with their individual needs and circumstances.

Looking toward the future, Alex shared the ambitious vision for AV360 Wellness. “The vision is to have multiple clinics nationwide and travel the world speaking about the paradigm shift that I am trailblazing.” The organization is also launching a podcast that amplifies its mission and provides a platform for special guests, giving people a voice in areas where they might feel silenced. This forward-thinking vision reflects AV360 Wellness’s commitment to expanding its impact globally and promoting a paradigm shift in healthcare.

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