Geoffrey Jamieson, Managing Director, Orcoda Limited

Geoffrey Jamieson is a recognized leader with 40 years of experience in management and technology. As Managing Director, he is well entrenched (with his very experienced team) in growing Orcoda Limited into a leading force in the Smart Transport Technology Solution business that excites the market. He is currently leading the team in developing smart transport technology solutions that include AI, VR, AR, ML, and IoT. Geoff is also involved with the Digital Twins R&D program with QUT, UQ, and Wollongong University to further Orcoda’s position in smart cities of the future, which will involve all forms of integrated smart transport technology.

Let’s take a closer look at Geoff’s success story and how he is driving the development of next-gen transport management solutions that will empower Connected Smart Cities of the future at Orcoda.

Career Trajectory

Prior to his current role, Geoff was Managing Director and Chairman of a Merchant Bank for 11 years, executing mergers, acquisitions, capital raising, underwritings, and venture capital, gaining experience across a broad range of industries. He also served as Managing Director of Vital Technology for eight years, during which he grew from a start-up into one of the largest IT companies in Australia, with 150 programmers developing platforms and a workforce of 350 people worldwide. As part of growing Vital, Geoff lived in Silicon Valley in the US and was involved with the software developed to build the Hubble space telescope, space shuttle and X29a oblique wing aircraft for NASA.

Previously, Geoff was also Managing Director at Piermont Portables, one of the leading resource industry accommodation and FIFO operators in Western Australia, which morphed into Fleetwood and Nomad when he sold the business. Afterward, Geoff, with other partners, founded Resource Connect on the back of his technology and FIFO experience in mining and oil & gas and patented the Booking System for Personnel Supply Chains, which is the current booking platform for booking people, parcels and goods in or on the vehicles they travel in or on which is also now connected to Orcoda Transport Management System that manages the vehicles that people, parcels or goods travel in or on.

Today, Geoff’s professional trajectory is not just about business success; it’s about the impact of his visionary leadership and his technology prowess. It serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and established businesses alike, showcasing the potential of dedication and forward-thinking in achieving business success.

ORCODA: ORganised COnnected DAta

Orcoda is a publicly listed company (ASX: ODA) and one of Australia’s leading logistics solution providers for the healthcare, transportation, distribution, and resource sectors. With over 25 years of experience, Orcoda not only has smart technology that links all types of vehicles with people, parcels and goods but has also built smart infrastructure for road, rail and air that connects smart devices (IoT, cameras, lighting, charging, fuel bowsers, connectivity, networks etc.) to its platforms to deliver a complete solution for smart cities and highways of the future.

Currently, Orcoda’s combined solution offering contributes significantly to its clientele being the most productive and cost-effective organisations in their respective industries. This combined solution offering has propelled its growth and as a result, Orcoda made the published list (54th) in the Australian Financial Review top 100 growth companies in Australia.

What Sets Orcoda Apart in the Industry?

Orcoda is a leading smart transport technology solutions provider on a mission to transform the transportation industry. With a focus on cutting-edge digitalisation, Orcoda aims to revolutionize transport logistics operations, optimize supply chain management, and promote sustainability. The company has already garnered the attention of renowned icons like Teletrac Navman and Telstra where they now market their products as part of their product suite and go-to-market strategies.

This is not all. Orcoda is making waves with its groundbreaking technologies and innovative solutions, and its customers choose it over its competitors, because the company delivers not just what they need now, but also has the potential to meet their future needs.

Enhancing Experiences, Services, Asset Utilisation, Compliance, & Reporting

Orcoda has an unwavering commitment to elevating client experiences, optimising services, maximizing asset utilisation, ensuring compliance, and delivering insightful reporting. Some of the ways Orcoda achieves this include exceling in automating traditionally labor-intensive manual tasks, streamlining processes and eliminating inefficiencies. This not only enhances operational speed but also significantly reduces the margin of human error, contributing to a more reliable and efficient workflow. Similarly, in its pursuit of sustainability and efficiency, Orcoda promotes a paperless workflow. By leveraging digital platforms and innovative technologies, the company enables clients to digitally transition from traditional, resource-intensive paperwork to a seamless and environmentally friendly digital ecosystem.

Moreover, Orcoda harnesses the power of AI and ML to derive actionable insights from vast datasets. This empowers its clients to make informed decisions, optimise processes, and stay ahead in an ever-evolving business landscape. Orcoda also ensures that assets are deployed in the most efficient manner, leading to enhanced productivity and reduced operational costs through its real-time monitoring and intelligent algorithms. In addition, Orcoda’s software facilitates automated health and safety checks, managing crucial transport operational aspects such as fatigue, load limits, pre-start safety checklists, and fit-for-work declarations. By automating these critical processes, the company not only mitigates risks but also bolster compliance, providing its clients with robust governance for a secure and accountable operational environment.

Helping Clients Make Informed Business Decisions

In Orcoda’s approach to digital transformation, the company begins by identifying the specific needs and goals of its clients, ensuring a good fit, and surpassing expectations. The company also focuses on efficient data gathering and integration for 100% visibility in transport operations. Its easy-to-use software promotes enhanced user adoption and overall effectiveness. Likewise, Orcoda implements robust measures to protect sensitive data and ensure compliance with industry regulations. Altogether, Orcoda’s integrated smart transport technology solutions not only enhances business operations but also helps clients make informed business decisions.

Transforming Challenges into Opportunities for Growth

In the past, Orcoda was presented with a challenge by TransitCare to develop software specifically for the community transport sector, who provide transportation to the elderly and disabled. Given the fact that community transport has multiple constraints associated with it when transporting persons with disabilities or persons who are aged, one of Orcoda’s challenges was being able solve these multiple constraints with Optimized AI that could do a solve very quickly on 2000-3000 constraint iterations that could take a human week to complete. “We achieved this in 2018, and that is why we are a leader in this sector,” reveals Geoff.

Another challenge of Orcoda’s customers was throughput of parcels and their delivery during the very busy Xmas period. By using OLMS and Orcoda’s innovative optimization engine, the client organisation was able to increase throughput by 40% without increasing the number of vehicles or the number of drivers.

Success Story

The success of Orcoda’s services can be measured by numerous testimonials and referrals from its impressive list of clients. The company has a remarkable retention rate with long-term clients who continue to engage with Orcoda’s services over an extended period. This demonstrates that Orcoda is delivering consistent value, meeting client expectations, and fostering strong, enduring relationships.

For instance, Orcoda’s transformative impact on Mt Buller & Mt Stirling Resort’s transportation operations is evident in their app’s success. With over 62,500 users to-date, the digital platform optimised scheduling, monitored all ride-share vehicles, and tracks approximately 400,000 passenger movements annually. The app’s real-time status got updated and interactive maps improved service, reliability, and efficiency. Likewise, automation reporting was streamlined, KPIs were met, and overall costs were reduced. As a result, the comprehensive solution not only enhanced guest experiences but also increased visibility, safety, and compliance. Matt Elliott of Mt Buller & Mt Stirling Resort attested to Orcoda’s pivotal role, praising its efficiency in managing bookings, payments, live data, and real-time vehicle tracking. Overall, Orcoda’s solution exceeded expectations, delivering a seamless and transformative transportation experience.

Staying at the Forefront of Technological Innovations

According to Geoff, Orcoda consistently invests in research and development in order to anticipate future technological advancements and industry trends so that the company can maintain a competitive edge for its clients. Through ongoing research and development investments, Orcoda is committed to advancing its transport logistics technology, enhancing existing solutions, and introducing transformative technologies that redefine smart cities of the future. Furthermore, the company’s dedication to innovation and sustainability positions Orcoda to revolutionize the transportation industry and redefine business operations within the global supply chain. Some of its recent innovations that will drive its future growth include Orcoda Go, Orcoda Notify, Orcoda Connect, and Orcoda Rental.

Striking a Balance Between Innovation & Stability

At Orcoda, Geoff strives to create an environment where the teams in each of the business units have a very clear vision of what they do and what they need for sustained growth. To achieve this vision, he sets goals that are achievable and empower his team members to be innovative but align that innovation with Orcoda’s core values and risk mitigation strategies. He reveals, “I get the team to focus on initiatives that provide immediate benefits while also investing in projects that lay the foundation for future growth e.g. smart cities of the future.”

The Secret Sauce Behind Success

Over the years, Geoff’s success mantra as Managing Director of multiple organizations has always been successful stakeholder engagement. He considers it to be an essential tool to achieve success. “By actively involving all stakeholders in the decision-making process, we gain diverse perspectives, mitigate risks and enhance reputation and credibility,” shares Geoff. He also mentions that successful engagements with multiple stakeholders in the past have taught him to get early involvement, tailor approaches, and have transparent communication processes. Moreover, as a leader, he has always acted with integrity, honesty, transparency, responsibility, fostered innovation, and has been governance focused.

Looking into a Smarter, Connected Future

Moving forward, Orcoda will continue to remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of smart transport technology. “With our unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability, Orcoda is poised to reshape the transportation industry and revolutionise the way businesses operate within the global supply chain,” concludes Geoff.

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