Dr. CP Lee, CTO, Mola

Dr. CP Lee’s rise to the position of Chief Technology Officer at Mola is a testament to his exceptional leadership skills, which he has developed over two decades in the tech industry. His arrival in 2021 marked a new era for the company’s Technological Division, with Dr. Lee leading a team responsible for delivering cutting-edge advancements in the video platform space. However, Dr. Lee’s responsibilities go beyond technology. He has also assumed the role of Chief Technology & Operations Officer, overseeing Mola’s expanded Technology & Operations Group. With an impressive career working at industry giants like Apple and HBO, Dr. Lee brings a wealth of experience and a proven ability to build and manage world-class teams to his leadership role at Mola.

“As a research scholar at one of Asia’s top universities, my relentless pursuit of answers and solutions has always fueled me. Transitioning from academia to the private sector, I have been fortunate to work at prestigious companies such as Apple, Motorola, and HBO, gaining exposure to vastly different industries.” Through each transition, Dr. Lee has immersed himself in diverse industries, granting him a unique perspective and an unparalleled breadth of experience. Despite the variations across these industries, one constant has emerged: the need for change and transformation.

Driving Innovation and Progress

Dr. Lee’s ability to navigate challenges has made him a highly sought-after leader in the technology space. According to him, “Being a leader today requires a multidisciplinary approach. There are countless theories and guides available, but leaders must forge their own path.” Dr. Lee firmly believes that nothing is impossible as long as one remains committed to their goals. He adds, “Even if we fall short of the end goal, we will still progress significantly. This ideology was particularly evident during my time at Apple, where a group of rebellious engineers united with the mindset of ‘us against the world.'”

As the Consulting SME for Professional Applications, Servers, and Hardware in the Asia Pacific region at Apple, Dr. Lee employed a patient and empathetic approach to explore new business opportunities. He emphasized the importance of listening, understanding, and empathizing with clients’ issues, needs, and desires to unlock new avenues for growth. Dr. Lee shares, “Designing the most efficient solutions can only happen when one truly understands what users seek and identifies the most effective way to help them achieve their goals. No hype, no grand theories—simplicity and efficiency are the winning factors.”

Dr. Lee firmly believes that businesses are essentially systems where people lead people to serve others. Recognizing that uncertainties are bound to arise at different points, often when least expected, he explains, “While planning is crucial for controlling the environment, I also acknowledge that the world is more complex than our anticipations. That’s why I strive to be prepared for any unforeseen events, remaining alert, curious, and observant when unexpected situations occur. It enables me to maintain a sense of power and control, even in the face of uncertainty.”

For Dr. Lee, everything starts with a well-thought-out plan. During his tenure as the Head of Technology & Engineering at HBO Asia, he achieved and maintained an impressive 99.995% uptime for the business. Reflecting on this accomplishment, Dr. Lee recalls, “At HBO Asia, our team was driven by a commitment to provide the best possible service to our end-users, exceeding their expectations whenever feasible. As a traditional broadcaster with multiple 24×7 channels broadcasting across the region, we had to design and deploy systems that consistently met the expectations of our viewers.” Dr. Lee and his team at HBO Asia faced frequent challenges in reviewing, optimizing, and fundamentally transforming their delivery methods to ensure consistent uptime. This relentless pursuit of perfection was necessary for the network to excel in its field.

Dr. Lee’s innovative spirit also led to the establishment of a highly successful training services business unit at Motorola Solutions, generating significant annual revenue. Starting from scratch, he encountered numerous challenges along the way. “My vision was to deliver a best-in-class product to our customers, and we worked closely with key partners to design and execute programs that aligned with the stakeholders’ and clients’ requirements.” Regular program reviews were conducted to ensure their relevance, and Dr. Lee firmly believed that keeping the information up to date was crucial for the program’s sustained success. Despite the obstacles faced, Dr. Lee’s unwavering dedication to his vision and his collaborative approach with partners enabled him to overcome challenges and establish a thriving business unit.

The Maverick of Mola

Dr. Lee saw Mola as an opportunity to embark on a thrilling new journey, assisting a domestic company in expanding its presence in the global market. As the company’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Lee recognized that his role went beyond technology alone; it also encompassed operational efficiency and performance. Navigating the intricate landscape of innovation, stability, and efficiency required a delicate balance. Driven by a determination to bring about change, take calculated risks, and forge ahead, Dr. Lee played a pivotal role in Mola’s growth and success.

“Being a platform provider in the ever-evolving Media & Entertainment industry poses numerous challenges, particularly with users’ constantly evolving preferences. At the Mola Technology & Operations Group, we tirelessly work towards optimizing our platform and delivery network to offer our audience the best possible viewing experience,” states Dr. Lee. The Mola team continuously reviews and enhances its platform and delivery network to ensure that every aspect, from viewing patterns to user engagement methods, is well served. They are committed to delivering a high-quality media experience, incorporating seamless action triggers, and employing ever-evolving strategies to enhance the overall user journey.

Mola transcends being just an OTT platform, as it seamlessly integrates both offline and online contributions, engaging users in various ways. Apart from offering a wide range of online shows, concerts, and live events, Mola actively participates in offline sports events and music concerts and showcases the best of Indonesia on the global stage. This extends to nurturing new talents in football and MMA. Technically, the Mola platform has achieved unparalleled stability since its revamp. The team has progressively introduced feature enhancements such as 4K and Dolby, much to the delight of users. Dr. Lee elaborates, “We have continuously made numerous unseen improvements to the platform, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable user experience that keeps viewers more engaged than ever before. Since deploying a multitude of UI/UX enhancements under the guidance of the new team, we have observed consistent growth in viewership.”

A True Leader

Dr. Lee exemplifies a passionate and driven leader who has successfully traversed various industries and conquered diverse challenges. His unwavering focus on understanding the needs and desires of customers, combined with his technical expertise and innovative mindset, has enabled him to make a profound impact in every organization he has been associated with. From his early days in the telecommunications industry to his current role as CTO of Mola, Dr. Lee has consistently pursued the goal of delivering exceptional service to his customers. He has demonstrated an exceptional ability to adapt to evolving market trends and technologies, guiding his teams toward remarkable achievements.

Dr. Lee’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of hard work, determination, and a customer-centric approach to business. As he continues to lead Mola toward even greater success, it is evident that he will remain a respected and influential figure in the industry for years to come. “Being true to oneself and others is a motto I live by, regardless of time or place. When one is authentic, their role, work, and results will all align harmoniously,” concludes Dr. Lee, encapsulating his core principles.

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