Jean-Philippe Perraud, CEO of NEDonBoard, Institute of Board Members

Jean-Philippe Perraud stands at the nexus of board excellence and professional development. As the CEO of NEDonBoard, he keenly recognises the challenges executives and non-execs encounter when aiming to progress in their non-exec roles and the ever-growing need for continued professional evolution. Under Jean-Philippe’s stewardship, NEDonBoard has risen as the answer to these challenges, carving its niche as the quintessential hub for board-level insights, training, and opportunities. He has fortified its reputation as the UK’s authoritative body overseeing the standards and practices of non-executive directors. Over a decade, he has uplifted NEDonBoard among the nation’s top influential organisations.


In an age of evolving corporate dynamics, the role of the non-executive director (NED) has never been more paramount. To appreciate this position’s sheer significance and benefits, we’ll delve deep into its aspects and the transformative journey from an executive to an NED.

Ensuring Effective Business Governance:

A NED is fundamental to instilling and fostering robust business governance. Their guidance ensures that the company’s actions resonate with its policies, values, and ultimate vision.

Holistic Exposure and Continuous Learning:

Serving on various boards provides NEDs with a comprehensive exposure that fuels their personal and professional growth. This vantage position is a powerhouse for continuous learning and expertise enhancement.

Managing Risk:

With a keen eye, NEDs oversee risk management, diligently addressing operational and strategic risks. Their unbiased perspective ensures early identification of potential challenges, facilitating timely interventions.

Offering Independent Oversight:

NEDs provide invaluable independent oversight, ensuring that every strategic decision aligns with the best interests of all stakeholders. Their independence offers a fresh perspective, critical for balanced decision-making.

The Transition to a NED Role:

Becoming a NED is frequently the next step for senior executives, especially for those nearing retirement or seeking an additional income stream. However, it’s not exclusively reserved for them. Many senior professionals aspire to be NEDs to amplify their careers, leveraging their skills and knowledge. While industry experience is a plus, the essence lies in independent challenge and mentorship.

The Cadbury Report reiterates the indispensable quality of NEDs, stating: “The majority should be independent of management and free from any business or other relationships which could materially interfere with the exercise of their independent judgment.” Potential conflicts could arise from shareholding or previous contractual engagements with the company.

In addition to unwavering boardroom independence, expertise and personal attributes, such as leadership, emotional intelligence, problem-solving, and teamwork, are paramount. Aligning your skills and values with an organization ensures maximum contribution and value-add.

Practical Path to NED-ship:

Transitioning to a NED role requires proactive planning. Consider your aspirations for the next 3-5 years and glean insights from acting NEDs. Initial experience can be gained through voluntary NED roles in charitable organizations, offering foundational knowledge. The NED Accelerator® Programme by NEDonBoard is a beacon for those aspiring for this role. This bespoke training regimen empowers candidates with the necessary skills, strategies, and tools to commence their NED journey: it ensures to be boardroom-ready.

Being a non-executive director with NEDonBoard, Institute of Board Members, is an exercise in visionary governance, ethical leadership, and corporate excellence. It’s a commitment that, though demanding, yields unparalleled personal and professional rewards, cementing one’s position as a vital asset in the boardroom. We firmly believe that non-executive directors and board members are the linchpins of sustainable prosperity. They are indispensable for curating a future that benefits society and our planet in the long run.

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