Igor Zijan, Founder and CEO of System of All LLC

In the world of entrepreneurship, there are few individuals who possess the vision, drive, and innovation to make a lasting impact. Igor Zijan, the Founder and CEO of System Of All LLC, is undoubtedly one of those exceptional leaders who has left an indelible mark on the business health and technology sectors.

With a relentless commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible, Igor has transformed System Of All LLC into a powerhouse specializing in consulting, research, and development. Under his visionary leadership, the company has become synonymous with cutting-edge solutions and strategic thinking.

Igor’s portfolio of successful ventures speaks volumes about his ability to identify opportunities and turn them into thriving enterprises. From the ground-breaking System Of All token SALL and SALL1 to the innovative System Of All multi-sig wallet, Igor has continuously demonstrated his knack for creating products that revolutionize the industry. And his latest endeavor, the upcoming 3D NFT Collection, The King Of Elites Club, promises to redefine the concept of digital art.

Beyond the boardroom, Igor’s influence has garnered widespread recognition and admiration. He has received personal thank-you letters from the White House and President Biden, a testament to his exceptional achievements and dedication. The US government’s highest honors bestowed upon him on multiple occasions further solidified his status as a global leader.

Igor’s trailblazing efforts have not gone unnoticed by the international community. His outstanding leadership in the health industry earned him the prestigious Health 2.0 Outstanding Leadership Award in Dubai 2022 and the esteemed Health 2.0 Visionaries Award in Las Vegas 2023. These accolades recognize his invaluable contributions to shaping the future of healthcare.

As an entrepreneur and visionary, Igor’s impact extends far beyond his professional accomplishments. He has graced the covers of Brainz Magazine and the Gold Edition of “Who’s Who of the Industries 2023,” showcasing his status as one of the world’s foremost leaders. Furthermore, his inclusion in the Brain CREA 500 and receipt of the Global HEaL Award 2023 solidify his position among the elite.

A Journey of Inspiration and Innovation

Igor embarked on a remarkable journey from an early age, driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence. His exceptional achievements were honored with a prestigious award for special accomplishments by the European Business School. Igor’s remarkable feat of completing his Economics degree in just 16 months, surpassing numerous exams, stands as a testament to his dedication and unwavering determination.

“As a child, I aspired to become a global entrepreneur,” Igor reflects, drawing inspiration from his observations and surroundings. “Studying the actions of successful global leaders, I sought to emulate their path to success.” This led Igor to establish System of All LLC, a dynamic company dedicated to addressing complex life problems through innovative solutions.

At the heart of Igor’s mission was challenging the limitations imposed on free expression through the human-machine interface. He tackled this issue head-on, developing a groundbreaking solution that has now been enacted as the Havana Syndrome Act in the United States. “I was driven by a desire to empower individuals and provide them with a voice,” Igor explains. “It is disheartening to witness people being silenced by scientifically unsupported definitions of behavioral differences. I decided to fight against it and emerge victorious.”

Undeterred by his achievements, Igor and his team are now determined to expand the impact of their revolutionary solution globally. Their vision encompasses not only the European Parliament and European Commission but also extends to Switzerland, Russia, Asia, India, and the entirety of South America. “We strive to make a positive difference in the lives of every individual,” Igor emphasizes, highlighting the broader scope of System of All LLC’s operations.

Triumphing over Adversity as a Visionary CEO

The path to becoming the Founder and CEO of System of All LLC was a challenging journey for Igor. Born in Slovenia, where human, economic, and political conditions were far from ideal, Igor realized that he would need to relocate to fulfill his entrepreneurial aspirations. However, even after moving, he encountered significant obstacles caused by the government and its employees, who sought personal gain at the expense of his projects.

Facing relentless challenges, including project piracy and aggressive behavior from government entities, Igor remained determined and resilient. He actively engaged with NATO, seeking sanctions against human rights violations, but unfortunately, the desired outcome was not achieved. Instead, his projects were borrowed, with the government of Slovenia providing protection from prosecution. This modern crime challenge, named Project Pirating, highlighted the hurdles many companies face in protecting their intellectual property.

Amidst these trials, Igor did not just grapple with the question of acceptance from the likes of the U.S. Senate; he also faced extreme aggression and unwanted obstacles, even in the midst of countries like Switzerland, Great Britain, the EU, and the USA. Nevertheless, he remained consistent, unwavering, and resolute in his mission. “I went through a nightmare, but I refused to give up,” Igor explains. “I have always approached problems head-on and aimed to solve them not only for myself but for the entire world.”

Taking the highest possible risk, Igor embarked on a journey that he believes has ultimately succeeded. As System of All LLC continues to evolve, Igor’s vision centers on establishing a modern, transparent society with freedom of speech, freedom of awareness, and freedom of thought. Despite the adversity he faced, Igor’s unwavering determination and commitment to solving global challenges have propelled him forward.

Overcoming Challenges and Garnering Support for Global Transformation

Reflecting on the unexpected but gratifying recognition received from President Biden, Igor expresses his journey and persistence in advocating for change. Since the start of the Trump administration, Igor has been actively engaged with the White House and the United States Department, aligning with their initiatives and proposing his project.

However, he encountered significant resistance, particularly from the Slovenian government, despite his lack of connection or residency in Slovenia. The government’s interference, fueled by their influence in NATO, Switzerland, and international organizations, caused considerable damage, yet these details remain undisclosed for now.

“I believe in the power of change, and my journey has been fueled by persistence and a vision for a better world,” says Igor. Recognizing the need for global change, Igor did not rely solely on Trump’s support. Instead, he approached the United States as a whole, hoping Trump would champion the initiative due to the country’s strength and cultural appeal. When the administration transitioned to President Biden, Igor was uncertain about the future. Fortunately, President Biden acknowledged and understood the positive impact of his initiative, leading to significant developments.

In September 2021, the United States Senate passed the Havana Syndrome Act, and in November 2021, Igor received his first thank-you letter from President Biden. The momentum continued, with a second thank-you letter arriving in February 2022.

While other administrations, including Trump, Obama, Clinton, and Bush, were likely aware of the background events tied to Igor’s initiative, he remained steadfast in his pursuit of change. His aim is to gather representatives from various countries and organizations, including G9 or G12, Asian countries, Russia, India, Africa, South and Central America, and Canada. Transparency and control within intelligence environments are crucial, ensuring the prevention of systemic misconduct such as sexual assault, pedophilia, and harassment.

“I started this project with a deep conviction to shed light on the truth and provide a voice to those suffering from the effects of mind-reading technology,” pinpoints Igor.  Throughout his project, Igor encountered disbelief and denial from various institutions and professionals. From hospitals to law enforcement agencies, many were unwilling to acknowledge the existence and consequences of mind-reading devices. Despite presenting concrete evidence, such as videos and research from renowned institutions, Igor witnessed the catastrophic effects of denial on those in need of help.

Igor says, “It was disheartening to witness highly respected professionals dismiss the evidence and continue to deny the existence of mind-reading technology, even when faced with irrefutable proof.”

Undeterred by the challenges, Igor tirelessly pursued justice by reaching out to government agencies, international organizations, and intelligence departments worldwide. From the United States to Europe, and Asia to Africa, Igor’s initiative gained recognition and support. He firmly believed that protecting humanity’s intellectuality and recognizing the value of every individual was crucial for the advancement of society.

While acknowledging the benefits of human-machine technology, Igor emphasized the need for responsible development and control. He stressed that a higher ethical approach and self-perception were necessary to establish a harmonious human-machine interface. Igor envisioned a world where the boundaries between humans and machines were transcended, leading to unprecedented advancements in healthcare and other industries. “With great technological advancements comes an even greater responsibility to redefine our relationship with machines and ensure the preservation of human values. We must build a new contract to guide our path forward,” opines Igor.

Token SALL: A Paradigm of Quality, Security, and Profitability

Igor was unwavering in his pursuit of creating a token that excelled in quality, security, and profitability. Drawing inspiration from market dynamics and witnessing the rise and fall of various tokens, Igor and his team embarked on a meticulous analysis to identify the key factors that contributed to success or failure.

“We knew that developing just another token wouldn’t be enough,” Igor explains. “We aimed to craft a token that not only maximized profits but also minimized losses during challenging market conditions.” This led to the development of the ground-breaking SALL token, employing a split contract logic that prioritized safety against booting and cyber threats. To safeguard against control takeovers, robust security features were implemented, ensuring the token remained resilient against manipulation by large buyers. Furthermore, the token’s functions were carefully fine-tuned to prevent booting, while an additional feature was incorporated to minimize the impact of partial supply sales on the token’s price.

As Igor further elucidates, “We recognized the importance of addressing the security concerns that plague the industry.” In response, the team focused on developing the SALL multi-sig wallet, poised to revolutionize the field. “We are proud to introduce the world’s first wallet that offers over fifty private keys per user,” Igor reveals. This pioneering solution not only ensures heightened security for individual users but also caters to the needs of large corporations, delivering unrivaled protection and flexibility.

Acknowledging the dynamic nature of the market, Igor emphasizes the significance of timing in investment decisions. “To succeed, one must carefully choose the right moment to enter or exit the market,” he advises. While market fluctuations can pose challenges, Igor believes that SALL’s low fees present an enticing opportunity for secure long-term holdings as well as daily trading activities.

Combining SALL’s enhanced security measures with the forthcoming multi-sig wallet, investors can expect a level of protection and adaptability that exceeds industry standards. “Our commitment to delivering the best token on the market, coupled with robust security measures and a system designed for short-, mid-, and long-term profits, sets SALL apart,” Igor affirms.

When it comes to token regulations, Igor emphasizes ongoing efforts to ensure compliance and investor security. While traditional fiat currencies and stock investments have established regulations, the token landscape is still in its early stages of development.

“We are constantly working on compliance and regulations to provide a secure environment for ourselves and our investors,” Igor explains. “We prioritize following requirements that protect us from fraud and illegal market speculations.”

It is important to note that universal token regulations do not yet exist. Instead, regulations differ from one government to another. “We closely monitor government changes and adapt quickly to them. Our focus is on maintaining control and financial security, preventing fraud and crypto crimes, and protecting our well-intentioned investors.” With a proactive approach to regulatory compliance, System of All LLC ensures that its operations align with the evolving landscape, safeguarding both the company and its valued investors from potential risks.

Advancing the Future of Tokens and Security

System Of All LLC is currently engaged in several projects, with a strong focus on ensuring the high security of its utility token SALL. According to Igor, this token plays a pivotal role in the future of their company and the global economy. Igor emphasizes the importance of data analysis in the token’s development and the insights gained from analyzing other tokens on the market. He states, “The data analysis we conduct is critical for making informed decisions and shaping the future outcomes of our projects.”

The team at System Of All LLC is known for its meticulous approach to analysis, going above and beyond what is expected. Igor believes that exceptional results can only be achieved by putting in the extra effort, stating, “We don’t settle for average results; we love going the extra mile. That’s where the real magic and fun happen.”

In addition to the SALL token, System Of All LLC is working on other significant projects. They are preparing to introduce a new multi-sig wallet called SALL, which will offer advanced security features. Igor highlights the importance of this wallet, stating, “For many companies, both governmental and private, including banks, having a multi-sig wallet with the capability of more than fifty private keys is a great security advantage.”

Another exciting project from System Of All LLC is the upcoming NFT collection called ‘The King Of Elites Club.’ Igor explains the concept behind this collection, saying, “Our aim is to present a 3D collection of the highest quality. The term ‘elites’ represents individuals who embody excellence, success, and distinction in their respective fields.”

System Of All LLC is driven by its commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering outstanding projects. Igor expresses their dedication, saying, “We believe in the pursuit of excellence and the belief that hard work is the foundation of true success.”

Fostering Growth and Personal Development

In his pursuit of knowledge and problem-solving, Igor recognizes that there are long miles to walk before becoming knowledgeable about detecting problems and delivering the right solutions. He says, “I firmly believe that there are no shortcuts to acquiring knowledge and finding effective solutions. It requires walking long miles and developing patience, consistency, and a distinctive approach.”

Igor finds pharmaceutical and biotech environments particularly appealing, as they align with his work style and vision. However, he acknowledges that there is still ample room for improvement within these highly regulated sectors. He holds the belief that System of All LLC and its associated organizations should treat people and their investments with the same level of care and attention.

Taking a holistic approach to building organizations, Igor sees them as environments for personal, professional, and mental growth. Just as one’s home or school can foster growth, Igor believes that organizations should stimulate individual and organizational development. He is determined to create an environment that empowers individuals to be their best, as he believes in the profound impact of personal growth and confidence on both individuals and humanity as a whole.

Not only does Igor dedicate himself to the growth of his organizations, but he also invests significant time in his personal development. Recognizing the importance of emotional intelligence, social intelligence, and adaptability, he believes that honing these skills enables individuals to better understand the world and effectively navigate personal circumstances. “I reject the notion that genetics solely define us. It is through our environment, both micro and macro that we learn behaviors and shape our potential. This belief extends to our organization, where I encourage personal and collective achievements,” pinpoints Igor.

Igor’s story is one of continuous growth, both personally and professionally. His passion for knowledge, problem-solving, and creating environments that promote individual and organizational development drives his work at System Of All LLC. With his unwavering commitment to fostering growth, Igor envisions a future where individuals reach their full potential and organizations prioritize the well-being and growth of their members.

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