Stacy Kehren Idema, Founder and Managing Director, Equati

Stacy stands as a consummate leader at the vibrant juncture of family business heritage, intuitive feminine leadership, and innovative technology. With over 26 years of experience, navigated the corporate world with the grace of an innovator and the insight of a seasoned strategist, constantly propelled by an unwavering inner fire and a relentless drive to break the mould. Moving from agile startups to Fortune 4 companies, in financial services, mobile and healthcare, Stacy has honed a unique wisdom and resilience. In 2019, Stacy fully embraced the ever-present flame within, leading to the inception of Equati and Global Collective. Recognized as a ‘Relationship First’ leader, her philosophy disrupts traditional paradigms, addressing biases and barriers with unwavering determination and a forward-thinking outlook. Her mission is to revolutionise wealth perception and management, leveraging regenerative AI and data-driven strategies.


In the rapidly evolving financial landscape, family offices stand at a pivotal juncture. As stewards of generational wealth, they are increasingly recognizing the critical role in values alignment, emotional intelligence and the unique strengths of feminine leadership while navigating the complexities of the great wealth transfer.

The Great Wealth Transfer Challenge and the Role of Values Alignment

As we stand on the cusp of the largest intergenerational wealth transfer in history, with an estimated $84 trillion set to change hands, women across all wealth brackets are set to inherit 70% of global wealth over the next two generations.

The emerging generation of beneficiaries brings a refined set of values to the table, prioritising social responsibility, sustainability, and long-term impact. As this wealth moves primarily to millennials and women, family offices must adapt their strategies to meet the changing demographics and priorities of beneficiaries. This shift isn’t just numerical; it’s about a transformation in values, with a stronger focus on social responsibility, sustainability, and long-term impact.

My Journey: The Genesis of Equati

My journey began in the heart of a family business, where ‘business as usual’ was anything but usual. Raised among generational entrepreneurs, I was steeped in a world rife with entrenched values, complex challenges, and the ubiquitous glass ceiling. I turned left and for 26 years, I navigated corporate, where the lines between professional and personal blurred and the glass ceiling unshattered, just like in family business. Spanning from agile startups to rigid Fortune 4 companies, each imparted its own unique wisdom and insight.

However, 2019 marked a pivotal turn. A life-changing trip to London catalysed my return to the entrepreneurial world, leading to the creation of Equati and Global Collective. Faced with the relentless biases and obstacles that stifle the distribution of wealth and opportunity, I decided it was time for change. Drawing on a deep well of family business savvy and hard-earned corporate insights, I set out to redefine the norms of business — a journey that exemplifies opportunity, innovation, unyielding determination and a fresh perspective.

Values-Aligned Investment: The New Frontier in Wealth Management

Values-aligned investment marks a transformative shift in the principles of wealth growth and management.  This evolved approach breaks away from the confines of traditional metrics, expanding its purview to include the broader impacts of investment decisions on society and the environment.  For family offices, this shift is profound; it necessitates a deep integration of individual and family values, ethical considerations, and the long-term visions of their legacy.

As family offices attempt to pivot to align with these evolving values and the changing gender dynamics, they also encounter operational challenges that add a layer of complexity

Blind Spots Replace Insights: In the pursuit of values-aligned investment, family offices might encounter blind spots where traditional metrics and intuition fail to capture the full spectrum of an investment’s impact. This can lead to overlooked opportunities or unforeseen risks, as the nuances of social and environmental factors are sometimes less quantifiable and more complex than traditional financial data.

Emotional Bias Over Rational Decisions: There’s a fine line between being empathetically attuned and allowing emotional biases to sway decision-making. Family offices might struggle with balancing personal or family values with rational, objective investment strategies. Emotional biases can cloud judgement, leading to decisions that feel right ethically but might not hold up under rigorous financial analysis. Emotional intelligence is vital.

Governance Gaps Elevate Investment Risk: With the introduction of ESG and other values-based criteria, family offices need to adapt their governance structures. Traditional investment governance might not adequately address the nuances of values-aligned investment, leading to gaps that can elevate investment risk. Effective governance in this new landscape requires a sophisticated understanding of ESG factors, a proactive approach to risk management, and a framework that aligns with the broader values of the family and its beneficiaries.

Concurrently, technology, particularly artificial intelligence, is becoming an indispensable ally. AI has an opportunity to streamline operations and enhance a family offices’ abilities to analyse and synchronise with intricate, values-based criteria, promising an even more transformed future.

In an era where the very fabric of wealth is being rewoven, family offices stand at the vanguard of a monumental shift. As leaders of generational affluence, they are poised to redefine the legacy of wealth, not just in terms of financial prosperity but as custodians of societal and environmental stewardship. The convergence of values-aligned investment, the ascent of feminine leadership, and the transformative power of technology like AI are not just reshaping the landscape — they’re setting the stage for a new epoch of wealth management.

Equati, at the forefront of this revolution, embodies the spirit of innovation and determination that characterises this pivotal moment. As we navigate this nexus of change, the message is clear: the future of wealth isn’t just about the riches we accumulate but the world we enrich and the legacy we leave behind. In this new era, marrying purpose with profit isn’t just a lofty ideal; it’s the new benchmark for success.

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