Andrea Petrone, CEO & Executive Team Coach

Dive into the world of leadership and performance with Andrea Petrone, a distinguished personality in the field. He is a certified executive coach, facilitator, and speaker with over two decades of international experience. His work spans across oil, energy, engineering, construction, and technology sectors. He has collaborated with CEOs and senior executives to improve leadership skills, enhance performance, handle change, and build effective teams.

Andrea Petrone is a true global leader. His career has taken him to six different countries including Equatorial Guinea, Egypt, Italy, UAE, Norway, and the United Kingdom. He provides clients with science-backed practical support and frameworks to strengthen their leadership presence, boost decision-making skills, and cultivate fresh ideas. He holds an MBA from IE Business School in Madrid and a Master’s degree in Science from the University of Milan. He is also a Certified Neuroscience Coach from the Academy of Neuroscience and Education ANE in London.

Apart from his work in the boardroom, Andrea Petrone is also passionate about hosting “The World Class Leader Show” podcast, where he shares his experiences and insights. Currently based in London, he enjoys reading and sports.

In an exclusive conversation with CXO Magazine, Andrea Petrone talks about his international journey in the Oil and Gas, Energy, Industrial, and Consulting sectors. He sheds light on what makes a good leader in today’s dynamic business landscape, explores strategies for driving sustainable growth, and talks about common challenges that CEOs and their teams face while seeking executive coaching. Join us as we explore the wealth of knowledge that Andrea Petrone brings to the table, navigating the intricacies of leadership in an ever-evolving business ecosystem.

Can you share more about your journey and what led you to become a human performance advisor and executive coach?

I’ve spent over 20 years in the corporate world, navigating an international and fast-paced career that started as a project manager and culminated as a Managing Director in the oil and energy sector. Living across three continents and seven countries, I found myself drawn to the consulting industry while in London. In late 2018, a personal quest for meaning led to a pivotal realization: helping leaders set high standards and reach their full potential was my calling. A few months later, I became a certified executive coach and human performance advisor.

How has your international experience in the Oil and Gas, Energy, Industrial, and Consulting sectors shaped your approach to leadership and performance?

Unlike many coaches, I lack a psychology master’s or human resources background, which, in retrospect, has been a unique advantage. Clients appreciate that I’ve walked in their shoes as a business leader, speaking their language and understanding diverse challenges. While I don’t always share my extensive business insights, clients recognize that I bring more than coaching – I bring a valuable perspective aligning with the future of leadership and performance advisory.

From your perspective, what defines impactful leadership in today’s dynamic business landscape?

My personal philosophy centers on making an impact. Many leaders play it safe or engage in incremental efforts. With my clients, we aim higher, shifting mindsets to play the big game. We seek bold, aspirational futures, challenging the predictable and mundane and rallying their teams. It’s a game that demands strong leadership, bold decisions, and transforming beliefs and behaviors. Impact is a powerful intervention for those venturing beyond the seemingly impossible.

How do you believe effective leadership contributes to accelerating performance and fostering growth in mid-size companies?

Accelerating performance, from a leadership standpoint, involves focusing on changing people’s behaviors. This doesn’t happen through coercion but by helping individuals embrace different perspectives. Extraordinary leaders don’t drive commitment through compliance; they change mindsets.

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In your experience, what are the key strategies that leaders can implement to drive sustainable growth in a rapidly changing global business environment?

Create a bold and aspirational future that inspires, challenges comfort zones, questions the status quo, and fosters belief in achieving the extraordinary.

How do you balance the need for innovation with the demands of more traditional industries like Oil and Energy?

Innovation isn’t a ‘nice to have’ but a baseline for all businesses. Success in traditional domains doesn’t negate the need for an innovative attitude. Challenge every aspect of the business, regardless of past success.

What are the common challenges that CEOs and their teams face when seeking executive coaching, and how do you address these challenges in your advisory role?

CEOs seek coaching for impact, especially when new to their role. Executive teams focus on alignment, trust-building, collective ownership, and strategy cascading. I offer 1:1 and team coaching, assessments, facilitation, and advisory, tailoring each approach to address unique challenges.

With your international background, how do you perceive the role of cultural diversity in leadership, and how does it influence your coaching approach?

Cultural diversity is critical, yet often lacking. Drawing on international experiences, I inspire clients with varied stories to provide different perspectives, adding significant value to coaching sessions.

Are there any global trends or shifts in leadership that you find particularly noteworthy or impactful?

Future CEOs will differ significantly from current ones, emphasizing empowerment, care, authenticity, and empathy while remaining results-oriented.

What advice would you give to emerging leaders who aspire to make a significant impact in their respective industries?

Avoid becoming a specialist. Learn by taking diverse roles in different companies. Great leaders excel in listening, hiring the best, and inspiring their teams to be extraordinary.

Can you share a lesson or piece of wisdom from your own career that has been instrumental in your success as a leader and coach?

Never become complacent about early success. Stay humble, stay curious, and keep learning. Early success can lead to underestimating the importance of continuous growth.

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