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Dr. Lady Kendal Jaggar – known in the industry as LKJ is an advocate for Mental Health Awareness and Well Being. LKJ strives for excellence as a Freelance Current Affairs News Reporter, Travel Journalist, Travel Writer, Published Author and World Critic. She is an honorary doctor in psychology, also certified in many fields, including Criminal Procedures, Criminology, Advance Criminology, Forensic Science & Profiling, Forensic Psychology, Criminal Law, Contract Law, Tort Law, Wills & Probate Law, Family Law. She has been awarded with numerous awards around the globe, including “Top Successful Women Leaders in the World – Guinness Book of Records 2023. LKJ was also awarded The Most Inspirational Women of The Earth By IIU World Education. She is a highly academic who uses her ability to reach out and help another human being.


We know as the human race we are always looking for innovations, we are constantly searching the unknown. As we head now further into Artificial Intelligence are we now delving too far into technology? Are we playing with the hands of god! Are we delving into an area of the universe that should be left alone, or are we right to search for the help of robots to help humans achieve our daily challenges we face?

We are as humans uncertain about robots, but this doesn’t mean we can avoid this fact — robots are better than humans at certain tasks.

Do you believe this is a good thing! Many still question the amount of power we are placing into the hands of artificial intelligence. The question still lay on our lips should we embrace the tasks and challenges that humans are just not great at by placing the control over to the robot. Will we reap the rewards and benefits as it helps us to get the most from our valuable human workers, therefore trusting the IROBOT.

Which tasks are humans better at?

Which tasks are robots better at?

The argument is that WEB 3 is what WEB 2 didn’t finish i.e., the internet. They weigh to conclusions based on when you understand the strengths of both robots and human workers, you can maximize your company’s output and make your workers happier in the process.

However, do we apply a law of the land to I-Robots, Artificial Intelligence and the Metaverse – A policing and criminal court the same as we do the human race?

Should the code of practice be written with the strict rules i.e.

A robot can’t hurt or allow harm to any human no matter what just cause or defense, it is a mechanical device it does not have the natural human reactor, no matter how much they are trained by the human.

Robots must always obey the human commands (without contradicting the first law) any written formal law as the coding law, also underwritten that all employment laws. It’s to be adhered to!

Robots are not covered under any form of equality disability or equality; they do not possess the same rights as a human.

Robots must preserve their own existence, unless it compromises the first law.

Do you believe they should have rights? Do you believe that robots will learn the natural human reactors by our teachings and their ability to learn everything from us and be like the wooden boy who wants to be a real boy!

“Are we creating ROBOTS with the correct personalities when we still haven’t understood fully why more and more HUMANS are suffering with Mental Health that hasn’t been treated yet due to pressure after Covid 19?

Personality traits are factors that can predict an individual’s attitudes and by extension behaviour.

The Big Five personality traits consist of

  • extraversion
  • agreeableness
  • conscientiousness
  • neuroticism,
  • openness to experience.

Robots have become vital to the delivery of health care and their personalities are often important to understanding their effectiveness as health care providers.

There is a lack of a systematic overarching understanding of personality in health care human-robot interaction. This makes it difficult to understand what we know & do not know about the impact of personality in health care human-robot interaction.

COVID-19 outbreak has only exacerbated the demand for more health care workers, before the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for health care services was overwhelming. The mental health suffered was one no one could predict; we are humans & enjoy social interaction.

However, robots played a huge part during the pandemic conducting health screening, delivering goods & even patient care.

Are we seeing our health system now more reliant on Robots whereas humans our mental health is at its lowest & the immense pressure is too much for the human to take?

My question is as the robot learns from humans are they going to encounter personality disorders which will cause even more mental health trauma?

There are different types of personality disorder with different symptoms. All personality disorders affect how you think, feel and behave. The loss of emotional control can increase impulsivity, affect how a person feels about themselves, and negatively impact their relationships with others. Who is taking care of the robot’s mental health if they are programmed to copy us?

As the brand ambassador Flosverse CIC I have seen how AI & the metaverse are contributing to this, robots can be a useful tool to promote mental wellbeing in the workplace. They are perception processing, attention allocation, anticipation, planning, complex motor coordination, reasoning about other agents and perhaps even about their own mental states.

However, we must understand In artificial intelligences, mental illnesses may similarly arise from conscious robots having adaptive or maladaptive responses to external exposure, or alternatively may suffer from these from their inherent human design.

So, I have my answer, robots will pick up any mental health issues as they learn more about us.

How many of us see our robot hoovers take us on, how many of us are using robots as a companion for loneliness?

AI cannot replace humans, we have human reactors that no robot can replace, we must not lose sight of the importance of the human race as we rely more heavily on AI.

We need to support & help the human race with mental health before we teach the robot the human reactor.

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