Kenneth Choo, Founder and Event Producer, Changemakers Virtual Summit

Kenneth Choo is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and event producer. He has been working with business owners for over 15 years in media, advertising, sales, and marketing. He has been helping his mompreneur community build their businesses through his creative and digital marketing consultancy for the past eight years. Since 2018, Kenneth has been producing events and workshops for his mompreneur community and has spoken on various stages and online platforms about parenting and mompreneurship.

Kenneth recently spoke with CXO Magazine about his journey into the world of mompreneurship and how mompreneurs can achieve a balance between business success and family life. In the interview, he shared effective strategies that can help mompreneurs thrive in their businesses. He is also the author of Mother Industrialist, a book that focuses on perfecting the balance between motherhood and business success. Read the excerpts of this interview here.

Can you share a bit about your journey into the world of mompreneurship and your motivation for working with this specific group of entrepreneurs?

This journey started 15 years ago when I was working in Motherhood Magazine as an advertising sales executive, and that was the time I started working closely with my clients, most of whom are mothers who started businesses. I love working with them because a lot of them started their business because they want to be able to spend more time with their children.

Having worked with over 1000 mompreneurs, what inspired you to focus on empowering this particular demographic?

The inspiration came from my own experience when I worked with these mompreneurs in the past 15 years and saw where my peers were. Most of them are working moms who are struggling with the guilt of not being able to spend more time with their children.

How do you believe mompreneurs can achieve a balance between business success and family life?

I believe that it is possible because I have been seeing how their business has grown in the past 15 years and how they are achieving the balance between business and parenting. They are the living testimonials of this balance.

Could you provide some insights into the key principles or advice you share in your book, “Mother Industrialist – Perfecting the Balance between Motherhood and Business Success”?

I share about the 3Ps – Passion, Purpose, and Profit where this is the Mompreneur Blueprint for aspiring mompreneurs to use as reference. I also share & feature the 25 mompreneurs’ stories that are based on Passion and purpose.

Are there specific challenges that you address in your book, and how do you propose overcoming them?

The challenges of profiting from business and the lack of financial literacy. That’s why in my book I talked about Profit and using examples to help them to increase their confidence in valuing their time in their business.

As a Mompreneur Biz Strategist & Mentor, what key strategies have you found most effective in helping mompreneurs thrive in their businesses?

I will always work with them and delve deeper into their WHY. I will use self-discovery tools to help them to achieve their self-awareness.

Your role as a podcast host and event producer in the realm of mompreneurship – how do these platforms contribute to empowering and connecting mompreneurs?

For both my podcast and events, I’m always focusing on spotlighting on the life stories of my guests and speakers. With these stories, the mompreneurs will be able to resonate and connect with each other.

In your digital marketing consultancy for mompreneurs, what are the common challenges you observe, and how do you tailor your services to address these challenges?

The common challenges are:

  • Do it all by themselves because they are not willing to let go and outsource.
  • Time management and always saying “No Time or Not enough time”
  • Catching up with marketing trends to promote their business

Instead of providing them with individual services, I propose to do a marketing retainer for them if they have the budget. If not, they can always take up my coaching packages.

Balancing work and family is a significant theme in your work. What advice do you have for mompreneurs struggling to find this equilibrium?

My advice for them is to ask them what makes them happy and spend time to find out what they are passionate about or what’s their life purpose? Because if they are happy and have a great life purpose, they will be a very good role model for their children.

From your vantage point, how do you see the landscape of mompreneurship evolving in the coming years?

I see the landscape changing as women empowerment in areas of business, tech and web3. We can also see that more and more women leaders and entrepreneurs are stepping up, especially in developing countries.

What message or piece of advice would you like to convey to aspiring mompreneurs or those currently navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship and motherhood?

My advice would be to give entrepreneurship a shot, although it is not for everyone and see how it can change your life and your children’s life.

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